Frequently Asked Questions 


Do you customize or modify flavors?

No. Currently, the labor and time is not available for customized flavors.

Do you have a food handling certification?

Yes, I have a current ServSafe Food Handler Certification.

What are your precautions for COVID-19?

I am the only one who prepares and packages the popcorn. I wear gloves and a mask while making and packaging the popcorn. I clean and sanitize after each batch of popcorn. All popcorn is either heat sealed in a bag or placed in a locked tamper proof container after it is made.

Where do you make the popcorn?

I have a home baking business where the popcorn is made.

Where do you sell the popcorn?

Farmers Markets. Due to Covid, I can deliver curbside. Contact me via email to make arrangements.

Do you sell popcorn in tin cans?

Sometimes, I do. I mostly have tin cans during the Holiday season. Contact me for additional information.

Do you make popcorn gift baskets?

Yes, I can create customized gift baskets for the occasion with a variety of flavors. Contact me for additional information.


Madison County, Alabama


Mon - Fri: 4:30 pm - 9pm

​​Sat: 12 pm - 6 pm




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